Presents The "We Believe You Can Fly"  Youth Conference
Andrew Stewart Harris (Detroit) -"The
conference changed me in a lot of
ways. The most memorable
statement was during Pam Stenzel's
session when she said '1 out of every
four teenagers has an STD.'  What I
enjoyed most about the conference
was Praising God and Socializing"
Favorites: John Gray's Play
Olaitan Freeman (Philadelphia)
-"I learned something from
everything that was said -
especially PUSH "PRAY UNTIL
conference changed my mindset
about the church and how to deal
with things in general!"
Favorites: Dominating Money
and Minister John Gray
The Queen Bishop and her court of
Princesses on registration day
"Calling All Prophets"
Prophetic Gifting in Youth
Dr.Patricia Morgan
"Check Yourself"
Mother Ada Melvin
Aletra Moore (Philadelphia) -"The most
memorable lesson was when Bishop
Vaughn told me that when I am hurt
by someone and another person tries
to step in my life, I should open my
heart and let God do his WONDERS! I
enjoyed Morning Glory the most
because I had a chance to get closer
to God. The conference made a
difference because now I read my
bible and pray every day and have a
different attitude. I don't speak in
tongues, but I am working on it."  
Favorites: Bishop Vaughn, Pam
Stenzel and John Gray.
Anxiously awaiting the NFL picks...
Boys just wanna have fun!
"Dominating Money" Training
Youth & Adults in Finances
Dr. Catherine Eagan
"Taking  A Journey"
Acting As A Career
John Gray
Herbert Jackson, III (Maryland) -"The
'Sex Has It's Price' session with Pam
Stenzel stood out the most to me.  
The conference really changed my life
through the Morning Glory sessions.  
Favorites: Evening services
Whittney Jackson (Maryland)
-"My favorite was the Mannagod
session.  The conference made
a difference because I've built
a better relationship with God
through prayer. I enjoyed the
conference as a whole but
mostly enjoyed the unity
shared through our Youth
Favorites -
Minister John Gray
"To Do or Not To Do - Choices!"
Law Enforcement
Harry Canty
Chaperones keeping an eye on the
hot dogs!  Hey, I think one is missing!!!
"Male Seed"
Session for Young Men
Michael Freeman
Rachael Moton (Philadelphia) -"The most memorable
lesson learned was to use your money wisely. The
conference made a difference in my life by showing
me that I am important to the church."
Favorites: Minister John Gray and the acting workshop
"The Dating Game"
Females 15 & up
Apostle & Lady Warren
Would that be one meal card...or two??
Christian Jefferson (Detroit)
-"What sticks out the most is
Bishop telling us 'We Can
Fly.'   The conference
changed my life.
John Gray's play and the
Mindnight Jam Session
"Sex Has It's Price!"
Consequences/Effects of Sex
outside of Marriage
Pam Stenzel
Day one of dorm life!!
Tanisha Reid (Philadelphia) -"The
most memorable lesson was that
no matter what challenges you
have, you can ALWAYS turn to God.
The conference woke me up to
reality and I really changed a lot as
far as my attitude. I enjoyed most
meeting new people and getting to
know more about friends right here
in my church"
Favorites: Pam
Stenzel and Minister John Gray
Raphael Jenkins (Detroit)
-"My favorite moment was
when we learned that faith in
God causes financial gain.
The conference really taught
me how to listen to God.
Favorites: Morning Glory with
Bishop Vaughn and singing in
the choir
"Choir Rehearsal"
Musicians & Choir
CQ & Dexter Smith
"Keep Your Cool"
Anger/Conflict Resolve
Gwendolyn Young
Bishop's Angels
Randolph Moton (Philadelphia
-"The most
memorable lessons were
Trust in God and Wait on the
Lord. The conference really
made me examine my walk
with the Lord.
Pastor Valorie McCune "Why
My Stuff Don't Work" - and
Minister Catherine Eagan
really showed a new and
great way to steward God's
money and how to prosper in
Janine Gaillard (Philadelphia Chaperone) -"The
most memorable lesson was being good stewards
over our money and seeking God concerning your
calling and then act on it. The conference gave
me what I needed to go further.  It was an
awesome experience because I saw God move
through the young children."
Favorites:  Bishop
Vaughn in Morning Glory and Apostle E.L. Warren.
We're here to spread one thing....
The Love of God!!
"How Does That Work?"
Charm For Girls
Linda Sesler
Jassmine Jones (Maryland) -"The
first session about sex was the most
memorable one because I really
learned a lot. It was my favorite.  I
have a different mindset about my
life as a result of the Youth
Conference. I mostly enjoyed
meeting new people and spending
time with my church members.
Favorites: Pam Stenzel - "Sex Has
It's Price"
"Help, I'm Raising A Teenager"
Apostle & Lady Warren
"Relationship With Money"
Dominating Finances
Catherine Eagan
Jermesha Johnson
conference changed
my life because it
changed my total
outlook on sex as Pam
Stenzel talked about
her life. I also enjoyed
the sessions and the
midninght Jam
Favorites -   
John Gray's play
"Stop Pressuring Me"
Peer Pressure
Daniel Harrison
E Money (Philadelphia)  -"The most
memorable lesson was Bishop saying
that she believed we could fly. The
conference made a difference in my life
in such a way that it is inexplainable."
Favorites -  John Gray and his play
"Journey" - He was so REAL.  Peace
"Winning Your Friends To
The Good Stuff"
Cell Ministry
Reginald Moton
This doesn't look like intercessory prayer!
Darnell Alphonso Jones (Maryland) -"The sessions where we
talked about prayer sticks out the most.  My favorite workshop
was acting and I enjoyed the 'Journey' play.  The conference
really changed my prayer life."
Favorites: Minister John Gray
"Cultivating A Prophetic
Dr. Patricia Morgan
"That's A Rap"
Rap Music
Strong Tower Dwellaz
Markia Chardae Vance (Detroit) -
"The conference made difference
in my life in that it gave me a
new look on things.  I really
enjoyed John Gray's 'Journey'
Favorites: The parade with
the different churches
Youth frantically sign up for numerous
workshops and classes
"Step In Style"
Dance/Step Workshop
Veronica Collins & N Step
The laying on of hands soon as they put
the cards down.
"Why My Stuff Don't Work?"
Organization For Youth Leaders
Valorie McCune
Quinette Williams (Philadelphia Chaperone) -"The most
memorable lesson was that people are always watching
you and you should have something worth watching to
show them. The conference really enhanced my
Favorites -  Pam Stenzel and Bishop
Vaughn.  Morning Glory helped me deepen my
relationship with God
"Developing Your Cell Leaders"
Touching the Unsaved and the Wealthy
Reginald Moton
Kezia Jefferson (Detroit) -"The
conference taught me to
respect myself and others and
sharing the dorms helped me
to share and care for others. I
enjoyed the Parade and John
Gray's play the most."  
Favorites -  Evening Service,
John Gray and Step Team
"Turn Your Radio On"
Radio Production
Thomas Hill
"Winning Your Friends To
The Good Stuff"
Cell Ministry
Reginald Moton
"Prophetic/Creative Dance"
Dance Workshop
Je'Nise & Darnell Goss
Don't look now, but my sno cone just took a dive!
Shanice Wilson (Detroit) -
"Although I had made a promise
that I would save myself for
marriage, the sex talk with Pam
Stenzel really opened my eyes
even more and showed me how it
really IS important.  I enjoyed the
various workshops in dancing,
step, choir and the night services."
Favorites: The parade, The
Journey Play and the Choir
Shanice        Kezia