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"May the grace of God be with you always!"
I just purchased your cd and was blessed by the anointing it carries as we were all ushered into the presence of the Lord.  Each cut
was simply wonderful.   We need this level of ministry, Bishop Vaughn.   I would love to learn more about your organization.  It could
be so that the Lord used you on TBN for me along with countless others.
Minister D. Robinson - Virginia
I was and still am so blessed to have heard naturally and spiritually the cd "There's A Flow."   Woman of God, the Lord has elevated
you to another level in Him.  I will spread the word concerning your cd and the website.   Continue to lift up the Saviour!  
Elder Lafenus Derrickson
When I listened to your interview on TBN with Alvin Slaughter, I was impressed.  I pray that God will uplift you more than your equals
and also use for deliverance of the oppressed, bring souls into His Kingdom.
John Philip Amanze - River State, Nigeria
I saw your ad in IQUE Magazine.  Your website is beautiful.  Keep up the awesome work.  Peace and Blessings.
Michelle K. Mitchell - Philadelphia, PA
I was so blessed by your recording, THERE'S A FLOW.  My husband and I are praise leaders and elders at our church and we would
love to present it to the members to be blessed as we were.  May God richly bless everything that you put your hands to do.
Elder Sharon Greene - St. Augustine, Florida
I praise God for the anointing and profound impact that Apostle Vaughn has had on my life by two messages that I heard on tape
given to me as I was a college student at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia.  The two messages were "Children of
Promise" and "Channels of Power."  They have had a powerful impact on myself and my wife as we both transitioned into a new
marriage over 10 years ago in which we both have been blessed by those messages many years ago after I graduated college. I
will never forget those powerful messages.
Pastor Thomas Webb - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
My wife heard you speak about 10 years ago in Tulsa, OK at a women's conference and she talks about you with the same passion
that she had when she first saw you!
Zach Perkins - Tyler, Texas
I praise God for the anointing the cd sends forth!!  Thank you for sending the cd even before my order was even completed!
Marie Murphy - Milton, West Virginia
What tape is that playing on your site where you are responding to leaders saying "My people are not ready for you" and you say
"They're NOT YOUR people!"??  Whatever tape it is, keep on telling it because it is the TRUTH! Thank You!!  
Joy King
I came across your website and it is excellent!  The songs really minister. I look forward to coming to hear you again soon in
Sandra Singleton
I am thoroughly enjoying "There's A Flow."  It is truly a blessed project and one that I believe the WORLD will be blessed by.  My
prayers are with Bishop Vaughn and her entire ministry.  
Carolyn Fawole - Richmond, Virginia
Bishop is real and not pretentious.  You can tell that she really cares about people.  She has something real and serious going on.  She
doesn't have time for petty things.  
Annette Blackburn - Silver Spring, Maryland
Bishop Vaughn was the prophetic catalyst in my moving in the direction that God would have me to go.  The Lord used her in my life in
1990 and I have kept her and her household in my prayers over the years.  I bless the Lord for continuing to expand her Godly
influence over the people of God.
Patricia A. Tyous- Fredericksburg, Virginia
Bishop Vaughn, I would like for you to keep in prayer the work that I am doing here at the Full Gospel Church in the Philippines.   
Pastor Domingo Adriano - Philippines
I am soooooo glad I finally located your website!!!
Curtis Bradford - Columbia, South Carolina
Your ministry enables me to draw from your anointing and enrich my spiritual life!
Pastor Emmanuel Obi - Lagos, Nigeria
Thanks for resurrecting my vision and motivating me to move forward in the mission of the Great Commission!
Chyral R. Grabe - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Just want to say that I really enjoyed the song about There Is A Flow In The Spirit. My my my it really blessed me in my prayer time!  
Minister Nabrauski Thomas - Alabama
I believe Go Tell It Ministry is connected to my destiny.  It has really been blessing my soul and it makes me want to TELL EVERYONE
about  the wonderful love of Jesus shared through Bishop Vaughn's teaching.  I am praying that God will bless me  to sow even more
into your ministry because, believe me, I have opened my mouth  and told people about the "Live at Convocation" project.
Carolyn Hawkins - Decatur, Alabama
I really wish to benefit from your partnership and want to have you minister to churches in my area.
Pastor Augustin Rakotobe - Le Bourget, France
The "There's A Flow" cd has really blessed us beyond words!  Thank you for such a powerful and anointed message of truth!
Elder James Cole - McKeesport, Pennsylvania
I listened to your message "There's A Flow"  and I was very much moved in the spirit. You said something that grabbed me when you
said 'Just open your mouth and preach. Tell everyone you meet 'God Loves You.'  I told that to a young lady and she said she did not think
that God loved her.  I tried to show her that He did.  Later, the young lady came to church looking for me. She said she heard God's voice
saying over and over again "God Loves You."   Thank You.    
Shawn Terry
We are truly appreciative of the tapes Bishop Vaughn sowed into our lives.  The spiritual insight she has imparted was well received
and very much needed!
Charlene Weaver - Fort Washington, Maryland
I cannot express how much "There's A Flow" has impacted my life.  You are such a blessing and an anointed sister of Christ. I thank
you for my wake-up call.  I accept my rightful position because God has been too good for me not to be submissive and obedient to
Him.  I love you for that message!
Terri Parker
I was so blessed as I listened to the songs while browsing on your site - especially "There's A Flow In The Spirit."  I am looking ever forward
to really getting into the wisdom, spirit and anointing of God upon your life. You inspired me each time you came to Benin, Nigeria.  I can't
forget the day you came to us during our chapel service and you taught us in school "preach your conviction and not your preference."  I
really do love you for how God used you to plant and bring forth in my life, today.  I am what I am by the grace of God because you came
spoke words that have never left since the day I heard them all.  You are indeed a blessing to our generation.
Reverend Kenneth German - Benin, Nigeria
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